18 Oct 2019
Top 5 Backyard Trends of 2019

Top 5 Backyard Trends of 2019

If you haven’t taken advantage of your outdoor space this year, it could be a sign that it’s time for a backyard facelift. Patchy grass, old pots, and overgrown garden beds are never an inviting look. But with the long winters and fleeting summers, why not put a little effort in so you can make the most of your private oasis in the mild weather? When you’re ready to transform your outdoor area into something beautiful and useable, remember these top 5 backyard trends of 2019 to lend some notes of inspiration.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners often choose to ignore and neglect their backyard is because there’s barely enough time in the day to get through life, let alone get out the garden equipment. That’s why low-maintenance designs are one of the biggest backyard trends of 2019. To spruce and simplify your garden space, focus on adding more perennials to the garden – they’ll automatically bloom and resurface each year. Avoid any shrubs or trees that shed lots of leaves, seeds or fruit since they’ll just create more mess. Add lots of hardscaping elements to your yard, such as retaining walls and stone features to minimize weeds. And you could even install an irrigation system, so you won’t have to worry about watering.

Staycation Oasis

As more homeowners choose to stay closer to home for some R&R, they’re finding ways to create their dream staycation spot right in their backyard. Forget about the long line ups and flights. Pool owners can embellish their poolscape with waterfalls and spillover spas. A fire feature and comfy lounge area can create the perfect spot to invite friends over to enjoy some beverages and fun. And thoughtful lighting features, like lanterns, bulbs, and rope lights can instantly transform a dull-looking area into a cozy and inviting space to enjoy summer nights lounging. The options are endless!

Focal Kitchen Station

Home chefs are choosing to enjoy more of the outdoors while preparing meals for their guests with an elaborate grill and kitchen setup in the backyard. Ample grill and counter space, a sink, and bar area make it convenient and fun to cook and mingle while enjoying the fresh air during the summer and fall seasons.

Home Grown Veggies

Do you dream of being able to grow some of your own food at home? Well, why not make it happen this year? This is one of the biggest trends of 2019 that shows no signs of slowing down. Miniature greenhouses, potted veggies, and built up garden beds are inspiring more homeowners to produce their own food without any added pesticides. 


Wildflower gardens offer a multitude of benefits. Aside from offering a dazzling array of colours to enjoy, they also smell amazing, they keep garden maintenance low and attract pollinators to help them flourish and survive.

Not sure what to do with your lifeless looking yard? Allow is to help at Grow Green. We specialize in landscaping and interlock. Our experienced and knowledgeable crew can assist you, from the design stage to the installation. Get in touch today! 

11 Oct 2019
7 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Space for the Fall

7 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Space for the Fall

We experience a lot of unpredictable weather here in Canada – it can be mild and sunny one day and then bone-chilling the next. Don’t get caught off guard by the sudden switch in temperature. Get your home situation properly for the winter weather with these 7 key ways to prepare your outdoor space for the fall.

Clean Up Dead Plants

Withered, dead plants not only look unattractive from the curb, but they can also encourage pests, fungi, and disease to grow throughout the soil. To prevent that from happening, remove any old vegetation or bury it deep under the soil so it can contribute to the organic matter by adding nutrients within it.

Cover Young Trees

If you’ve had young trees planted this year, cover them with burlap to shield them from the intense winter winds and frost. This will help to minimize any damage. 

Add Thick Layers of Mulch

Mulching can benefit your garden beds in both the summer and winter. Aside from suppressing weed growth and preventing water loss, mulch also protects the roots from colder temperatures, including the freeze and thaw process. Replenishing mulch will help to maintain consistent temperatures and moisture levels in the soil to buffer the roots against the harsh winter.

Prune Perennials

Fall is also a good time to do some pruning. Before you start, make sure you’re targeting the right plants that respond favorably to pruning during this season. Certain species can fair better with some trimming in the springtime, so always follow the instructions or ask your local greenhouse experts for their professional opinion.

Clear Walkways

Before the first snowfall arrives, store any garden equipment in the garage or shed so they can be in good shape when you need them next summer. Leaving them out and exposed to the snow and ice can cause moisture damage and rust to develop quickly, which could impact how they perform – if at all – next year.

Turn Off Irrigation Systems

If you have an automatic sprinkler system installed, remember to shut it off for the winter. Switch it off from the main water valve and drain any sprinkler heads to prevent plumbing networks from freezing and bursting.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

When you’re busy trying to organize life and family, why not let someone else take over these maintenance tasks for you? You can hire a contractor to take care of it all so you can relax or focus on what’s more important.

Prepare your outdoor space for the fall by adding these tasks to your to-do list or hiring our handy crew to do it all for you. At Grow Green, we specialize in landscaping and interlock. Whether residential or commercial, we can repair, maintain or install. Get in touch with us today to learn more or to get started!

19 Jul 2019
Your Summer Landscaping Maintenance Guide

Your Summer Landscaping Maintenance Guide

It’s officially garden season which means weekends are dedicated to spending more time keeping your exterior looking sharp. But with the stifling temperatures and the hot sun beaming down outside, it can make it challenging to keep your landscape looking healthy and lush. But by learning a few keys tips from the pros, you can keep it looking sharp. Learn how to beat the heat and get the most out of your exterior with your summer landscaping maintenance guide right here.

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12 Jul 2019
5 Things You Should Have in Your Backyard Shed

5 Things You Should Have in Your Backyard Shed

Even though the moody weather may have us feeling doubtful, summer is officially here. And for many homeowners, that means dedicating more time to household maintenance and yard work. Whether you’ve recently moved into your first home or are just gearing up for the season, having a well-stocked shed can make all the difference when you can grab what you need for those DIY projects. Not sure how to stock it properly? To make your lawn and housework easier, here are some handy things you should have in your backyard shed.

Shovel & Spade

Shovels and spades are always essential staples to have for landscape and garden care. And though you may be wondering, “aren’t they the same thing?” they’re actually quite different. Shovels are handy from digging and scooping out dirt. They’re ideal when you need to dig out trees, loosen soil or remove it. A spade, on the other hand, is the tool you’ll want when you need to slice through hard, compact turf and soil. With a straight edge, it will make those tough jobs effortless.

Pruning Sheers

With the combination of heat, humidity, and moisture, the garden scape can grow rapidly during the summer months. And once those hedges and plants start to take off, you’ll have to keep on top of them to maintain their shape and keep your exterior looking prim and proper. There’s a variety of different sheers and pruners to choose from. Some are useful for cutting through thicker branches while others are ideal for those that are thin and more delicate. Be sure to know what you need before purchasing, or ask your local garden expert what they recommend for your type of vegetation.

Blade Sharpener

One important thing that you should have in your backyard shed that many people forget about is a blade sharpener. Cutting the lawn with a dull, rusted blade can do more harm than good to it. It can leave the grass looking ragged and rough, which can eventually turn it brown. Cutting with a sharp blade will promote healthy roots, prevent disease and keep it growing strong.

Safety Glasses

Whether you’re weed whacking the lawn’s edge or chainsawing some branches, safety glasses are always an essential item to have on hand when you’re tackling any projects that could impact your eyes. It doesn’t matter how small the job may seem, if there’s a potential for debris to land in your eyes, it worth throwing them on to safeguard your vision. Safety should always come first, even when you’re working at home.


Don’t forget to stock up on some mulch! During the heat waves and windy summer storms that can whip up out of nowhere, your plants will need some extra protection. Mulch can help to retain moisture, protect the roots, stifle weed growth, and it can make your landscape look clean and sharp. So it’s always a good idea to stock up on some extra bags of mulch to toss it on whenever it grows thin around your vegetation.

Prefer to keep your weekends reserved for leisure instead of yard maintenance? Give us a call at Grow Green to take care of it all instead. You can kick back and relax while our team handles whatever you need to be done around the exterior. From paving and interlock to commercial and residential landscaping – we are your go-to landscaping and interlock experts that you can count on. Get in touch today to get started!

21 Jun 2019
Why Your Ottawa Home Needs Patio Interlock

Why Your Ottawa Home Needs Patio Interlock 

Considering interlock for your home’s exterior? Whether it’s for your walkway, driveway or your poolscape, it’s an ideal choice since it looks great and it lasts. But installing pavers should never be treated as a simple DIY project. It takes a trained eye and skilled, professional experience to install them properly so they can hold up against the weather. Beyond the aesthetics, there are plenty of more reasons why your Ottawa home and patio interlock are a perfect match. Check them out below!

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