Not sure what type of impression your curb appeal depicts? Take a walk to the curb or (safely) onto the street so you can stand and look back at your front yard and home’s exterior with a broad scope. Pretend for a moment that it’s not your home, but someone else’s. Then analyze it with a critical eye to see which areas could really use some improvements. You can also get a family member or a good friend to help you if you’re struggling to get into the critical persona. Take note of the areas that are in most need of some TLC and start focusing your attention there. To learn about some simple ways you can enhance and brighten your front yard, check out these tips below!


Repair or Replace Interlock

When you walk from the curb to your home, pay attention to the ground as well. If you notice any loose or cracked pavers, or if your pathway simply looks unwelcoming when you walk by, consider replacing them. Aside from this impacting the look of your home, it can also pose as a safety hazard. So it’s best to repair this sooner than later.


Take Care of Your Lawn

We all know that maintaining the lawn is a crucial part of keeping and brightening your front yard. But as Canadians, we also know how damaging the winter months can be on our turf. And it can take a good amount of effort to get it back to looking healthy. You can take on the task of re-seeding, raking, and nourishing it back to a vibrant patch of green, or you can hire a landscaping company to do it all for you. Either way, keeping up with lawn care with regular mowing, watering and maintenance is important for keeping your home looking good.


Add Some Colour

Of course, during this transitioning season, you need a good splash of colour to welcome in the spring. So don’t forget to clear out your garden bed and make way from some new plants or shoots that were planted previously. Having new blooms of daffodils, tulips, and lilac are just a few of our springtime favourites that will brighten the front yard instantly!


Make Your Entranceway Pop

The entranceway is the showstopper – or at least it should be. It’s where our eyes get immediately drawn to, so it should look warm, welcoming and cozy. You can polish up your front porch by adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing your front door, placing down an outdoor rug, and adding some cute patio chairs, colourful cushions, and potted plants on either side of your doorway. You’ll be amazed at how these little changes can make such a big difference.


Add Some Lights

Now with the warmer weather on its way, you can enhance your outdoor spaces even more with additional perks to make it more welcoming, like using outdoor patio lights. Head to your local home décor store or garden centre, and you’ll find all kinds of varieties, whether you want to place them along the pathway or string some on the porch to add some extra ambience. Decorative lights are always a winning addition to any outdoor space.


To get your front yard in tiptop shape for the spring and summer months, give us a call at Grow Green! We offer all of the landscaping services you need to get your exterior looking its best before those big family BBQs kick off. Contact us to learn more!