Considering interlock for your home’s exterior? Whether it’s for your walkway, driveway or your poolscape, it’s an ideal choice since it looks great and it lasts. But installing pavers should never be treated as a simple DIY project. It takes a trained eye and skilled, professional experience to install them properly so they can hold up against the weather. Beyond the aesthetics, there are plenty of more reasons why your Ottawa home and patio interlock are a perfect match. Check them out below!

Strength and Durability

There’s a good reason why a majority of landscapers recommend interlock – it’s three times stronger than poured concrete! This material has no problem withstanding the harsh conditions here in Canada during the winter. And as Ottawans, we know that durability really counts for our outdoor spaces – we need things to last so we’re not facing constant repairs every spring. Thanks to the unique patterned joints in between interlock patios, they’re can shift and resettle in a subtle way that helps prevent cracking, unlike with asphalt or concrete.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Beyond the robust nature of these stones, they’re also attractive to look at which means they will improve the curb appeal of your home instantly. And you can tailor your design as you wish to suit the style of your home since there are numerous design options to choose from.

Easy Repair and Maintenance

Even with hardy materials, damage can and will still happen – it’s just the nature of wear and tear and homeownership. The good news is whenever your interlock needs a few repairs, it’s a simple and easy process.  All that’s required is to swap out any damaged stones and replace them with new ones. It’s that easy. This is also incredibly helpful if any oil stains end up ruining your stones. You can just have them replaced with new ones.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Aside from the fact that interlock pavers look great, they also come with a 50 plus year life expectancy. And thanks to their low cost and maintenance, they’ll help to boost the value of your home and get more potential buyers to take notice.

They’re a Safer Option

Pavers are also a safer option than concrete or asphalt because they provide a non-skid surface. So even when the surface is wet, you and your vehicle will have proper traction to stay safe. 

Consider these reasons when you’re contemplating whether your Ottawa home needs patio interlock or not. And when you’re ready to explore your options with a team you can rely on, contact us at Grow Green. We’re happy to help!