A retaining wall needs to be more than something beautiful — it also needs to be highly practical and durable. Our team welcomes this challenge and any others that come their way, which is why we’re proud to offer some of the finest-quality retaining wall services at Grow Green. Built on your needs as well as to handle many years of resilience, our walls will remain sturdy and stylish.

Long-Lasting Results

Retaining walls stabilize earth and rock to ensure properties containing steep landscape features are protected against soil erosion. Our team applies the same meticulous attention to detail as always when building retaining walls, working closely with property owners to develop a strong understanding of their land. By being proactive and considering long-term reliability during construction, we can produce more dependable results. We use only the highest quality materials and tools to ensure your retaining wall remains strong, sturdy, and reliable while also enhancing the appearance of your property.

Professional, Experienced Crews

To ensure the best results possible, our crews consist of well-trained and highly capable professionals that you can trust will do the job properly. Focused on even the smallest details, we can catch and correct risks to stability or longevity during the installation process. This allows for not only long-lasting results but dependable work that we’re proud to sign off on.


Exceptional Customer Service

Our Ottawa-area retaining wall services are designed with your needs in mind. We consult with customers to ensure their preferences and ideas are considered every step of the way, resulting in more personable and friendlier customer service altogether. Combined with our premium-quality results and high return rates from property owners looking to trust us with their next project, the Grow Green difference is clear.

We Take Ownership of Our Work

There’s no such thing as perfection, and that’s an important thing to respect in the landscaping industry. If something is amiss or overlooked (which is rare in itself), we’ll immediately address it. Should you be unhappy w­­­­­­­­­ith an element of your retaining wall’s design or materials used, we’ll happily help take care of it. In the end, our goal is for you to enjoy the work we complete. This is why our retaining wall projects are completed with a focus on minimal long-term maintenance and maximum reliability. If you want a company who takes ownership of everything they do on your property, we’re an ideal choice.

We’ve built our retaining wall services on years of experience as well as the feedback of many happy property owners. If you’re interested in adding a new retaining wall or replacing an old one, contact us today or feel free to browse our portfolio of recent projects.

A Wide Range of Functional and Aesthetic Options

A retaining wall can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your yard, beyond containing your vegetation or an adjacent hillside. It can be used to level spaces on your lot in order to control drainage and carry water away from the foundation of your home. It’s also commonly used for aesthetic reasons to improve the look of the yard. A well-designed retaining wall can be built with beautiful stone and brick to even serve as planters for trees or gardens. And if you love to entertain friends and family, you can incorporate creative layouts to form the perfect level spot with tables, chairs, and loungers, or a built-in fire pit to transform your backyard into the perfect entertainment area.

Professional, Experienced Crews

Unless you know what you’re doing, when it comes to building a retaining wall, you should always leave it to the pros. Not only is the construction process dangerous, but it also requires certain permits and zoning approvals, as well as thorough soil assessments before proceeding. If you skip any of the important steps, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else in the process or even be required to redo the entire wall over again at your expense. Hiring a professional over making it into a DIY project is safer and can also save you more money down the road in repairs. Our trained and experienced team will ensure that the finished product is structurally secure, protecting you from any future property damage that could occur in the future.

No Stone Unturned

Our process leaves no stone unturned. We will carefully plan and factor in all the elements to ensure that you have an effective and long-lasting retaining wall design that can last up to 80 years. Our process includes:

  • Analysis of the soil composition, slope grade, and root systems
  • Determining which surrounding trees or shrubs require relocation
  • Type of materials for your climate and desired result
  • Type of wall design and size
  • Placement and base and backfill
  • Drainage considerations
  • Building or zoning code requirements
  • Adding finishing touches – adding fire pits, a walkway, etc.

Get the professional hardscaping you’ve been wanting for your backyard with the quality craftsmanship and expertise at Grow Green. Get in touch and we’ll come analyze your terrain and provide you with a quote!

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