It’s officially garden season which means weekends are dedicated to spending more time keeping your exterior looking sharp. But with the stifling temperatures and the hot sun beaming down outside, it can make it challenging to keep your landscape looking healthy and lush. But by learning a few keys tips from the pros, you can keep it looking sharp. Learn how to beat the heat and get the most out of your exterior with your summer landscaping maintenance guide right here.

Water The Right Way

If you’ve been diligently hosing your lawn every day or using the sprinkler with a meticulous effort at moving it around for even dispersion with little success, you’re likely doing it wrong. This is actually more common than you may think. Understanding how and when to water properly can make a world of difference. The right method will generally depend on your landscape and location, but as a guide, focus on watering your lawn deeply but less frequently. It doesn’t need to be soaked every day. This can actually do more harm than good. Instead, aim for giving the grass one inch of water each week. And do it first thing in the morning before the sun peaks.

Aerate It To Improve Oxygen

Like us humans, grassroots need oxygen and nutrients in order to survive, flourish and grow. But they can’t obtain that when the soil has been tightly packed down and compressed from the heavy winter snow. That’s why aerating the lawn is necessary. This process punctures small holes throughout the turf to do just that. You can purchase an aerating machine, hire landscapers to do it for you or rent one from your local garden centre.

Cut Grass Correctly

Much like watering, there are many homeowners who tend to mow their grass without giving much thought to the proper method or frequency of it. But this also matters for improving the health and look of the lawn. When mowing, it’s best to refrain from cutting it too short, so adjust the blade and make sure it isn’t on the lowest setting. Also, cut only when the grass is completely dry and always keep the blades nice and sharp.

Feeds Your Grass & Plants

Don’t forget to feed your grass and plants with some fertilizer! Talk to your local garden centre to determine the best type for your landscape, and always follow the instructions carefully. Also, add on some mulch to help plants retain moisture and place them in areas where they can get some shade during the day.

You can give your exterior the love it deserves without having to lift a finger. At Grow Green, allow our team of landscape and interlock experts to handle all of your summer maintenance work so you can soak up those relaxing sunny weekends here in Ottawa. Give us a call or browse our site to learn more about our services.