We experience a lot of unpredictable weather here in Canada – it can be mild and sunny one day and then bone-chilling the next. Don’t get caught off guard by the sudden switch in temperature. Get your home situation properly for the winter weather with these 7 key ways to prepare your outdoor space for the fall.

Clean Up Dead Plants

Withered, dead plants not only look unattractive from the curb, but they can also encourage pests, fungi, and disease to grow throughout the soil. To prevent that from happening, remove any old vegetation or bury it deep under the soil so it can contribute to the organic matter by adding nutrients within it.

Cover Young Trees

If you’ve had young trees planted this year, cover them with burlap to shield them from the intense winter winds and frost. This will help to minimize any damage. 

Add Thick Layers of Mulch

Mulching can benefit your garden beds in both the summer and winter. Aside from suppressing weed growth and preventing water loss, mulch also protects the roots from colder temperatures, including the freeze and thaw process. Replenishing mulch will help to maintain consistent temperatures and moisture levels in the soil to buffer the roots against the harsh winter.

Prune Perennials

Fall is also a good time to do some pruning. Before you start, make sure you’re targeting the right plants that respond favorably to pruning during this season. Certain species can fair better with some trimming in the springtime, so always follow the instructions or ask your local greenhouse experts for their professional opinion.

Clear Walkways

Before the first snowfall arrives, store any garden equipment in the garage or shed so they can be in good shape when you need them next summer. Leaving them out and exposed to the snow and ice can cause moisture damage and rust to develop quickly, which could impact how they perform – if at all – next year.

Turn Off Irrigation Systems

If you have an automatic sprinkler system installed, remember to shut it off for the winter. Switch it off from the main water valve and drain any sprinkler heads to prevent plumbing networks from freezing and bursting.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

When you’re busy trying to organize life and family, why not let someone else take over these maintenance tasks for you? You can hire a contractor to take care of it all so you can relax or focus on what’s more important.

Prepare your outdoor space for the fall by adding these tasks to your to-do list or hiring our handy crew to do it all for you. At Grow Green, we specialize in landscaping and interlock. Whether residential or commercial, we can repair, maintain or install. Get in touch with us today to learn more or to get started!