Want to create the perfect outdoor space that reflects your unique style this summer? Discover some of the best creative and quirky landscaping ideas to take your yard to the next level. Here are our top picks to get you inspired.

Repurposed Tub As Outdoor Seating

Are you undergoing a renovation in your bathroom? If you have a soaker tub lying around that needs to be tossed out or repurposed, you can put it to good use right in your backyard. This may sound unusual, but with a little imagination, you can transform that tub into a comfy and creative seat. All it requires is to cut off one side to create an opening, give it a fresh coat of paint (choose your colour!) and install some customized, removable cushions to the base along with some extras cushion for back support. This will add some quirky style to your outdoor space, guaranteed. Not into the idea? You can use the tub as a giant planter instead!

Green Wall Or Vertical Garden

Green walls or vertical gardens have surged in popularity over the past few years. For one – they look incredible, and they let you add vibrant greenery to even the most compact spaces. If you’re considering going this route, we recommend consulting with an expert to ensure your vertical garden has the proper setup to grow and flourish.

Get Creative With Planters

There are many different, unique ways that you can get creative with planters. For example, you could repurpose an old wheelbarrow, vintage suitcase, watering cans, and even rubber boots! The options are endless. You can find all of the how-tos tutorials you need online once you figure out what you’d like to use as your whimsical planter.

Vintage Bike With Flowers

Speaking of whimsical planters, if you’re an avid cyclist or just have an old bike taking up room in the garage, why not put it to use? With a coat of paint and a flower basket or two added to the front and rear of the bike, you can add eye-popping colour to your landscape while clearing out more room in the garage.

Beer Bottle Garden

Ever heard of a beer bottle garden? Beer bottles are a popular material to incorporate into garden landscapes since they’re very thick and durable. After washing and removing any labels, flip them over and stick them into the ground nose down. You can arrange these side by side in different patterns to create the perfect little barrier for your garden space. It looks great, and it puts those empty bottles to good use.

Once you figure out what you’d like to incorporate into your landscape design, give us a call at Grow Green. We’re your go-to landscaping experts in Ottawa!