Spring is the best time to clean and spruce up your home. There’s just something satisfying about getting outside to tidy up after the long and messy winter. That’s why we always recommend starting your landscaping in spring so you can have it all ready to make the most of the summer weather. Here’s how to kick start your outdoor spring cleaning this year.

Cleaning Up The Aftermath of Winter

Winter can be quite devastating to the exterior of your home once you can assess the full mess and damage it’s left behind with all the snow and salt. And once you do, it can end up equating to a lot more time and effort than you thought. That’s why we suggest getting a good head start in early spring to cleaning and prep your landscape so you can enjoy the summer rather than spend your weekends trying to get it presentable.

Get Ahead Of The Summer Rush

Summer is always a busy time for landscaping companies. And during this busy season, it can be difficult to book the company you prefer or get the timeframe you were hoping for when their schedules are all booked up. Instead of risking it last minute, be sure to book in your maintenance or landscaping projects as early as possible so you can ensure to get it done as soon as possible.

PinPoint Needed Repairs

Getting out in early spring to assess your landscape can also give you a clearer indication of any areas that might need to be repaired or replaced. Addressing any damaged areas, like your patio stones or retaining walls, should be done well before next winter.

Sunny Days are Limited

Summer is pretty short. You’d naturally want to spend the sunny and warm season enjoying the sun and not handling soil and dirt in the backyard. Getting started with your landscaping during the spring will give you a lot of time to enjoy the rest summer.

Improve Property Value

If you’re planning on placing your property up for sale during the summer, taking the time to improve your exterior and garden is essential. Buyers want to be able to move into a home that requires little work. And they’re more often than not willing to pay extra for it. By spending a little time and effort now, you can get your home ready for the summer selling season and boost the value of your property.

Take advantage of the pleasant weather and start your landscaping in the spring by giving us a call at Grow Green. Our landscape professionals will be happy to help you transform and upgrade your outdoor living space.