Fed up of looking out at your lifeless backyard? Looking to do a little something different to your outdoor space this season? We have just what you need! Whether you want to polish up your yard with some new interlock stones, add a unique focal feature to your poolscape, or enhance the ambience to make your landscape look more inviting, here are a few of our favourite outdoor features that can do the trick.

Interlock Pool Patios

Are you tired of the wobbly, faded, or cracked pavement around your pool? Having an unattractive pool surround can detract from your entire backyard. But interlocking stone can easily fix that. Interlock for your pool patio is the perfect way to add intricate and attractive detailing that can transform your yard. It’s also the easiest way to keep your pool deck safer (with a slip-proof surface).

Sophisticated Retaining Walls

Retaining walls don’t have to be made of dull grey concrete. You can add a stylish and functional retaining wall to enhance your landscaping design. With our retaining wall designs, you can get the support you need with the aesthetics that you want in your yard or garden space. We can transform a simple wall into a landscaping masterpiece to house your flowers or to create a space for entertaining guests. And with all of the block designs that are available today, you can choose from traditional, curved designs, clean cut and contemporary ones.

Stone Waterfalls

One of our favourite outdoor features is our waterfalls. We love installing water features to create a backyard paradise for homeowners, and stone waterfalls are the perfect way to achieve a tranquil and soothing oasis at home. Whether with natural stone designs or precast blocks, you can enjoy a serene atmosphere and a stunning focal feature that is guaranteed to enhance your outdoor space. Best of all, there are so many unique options to choose from that can really emphasize your landscape.

Outdoor Lighting

Adding lighting features to your outdoor hardscape features can truly give your exterior an instant upgrade and create that inviting, cozy ambience that you’ve been wanting. There are multiple options from; under the caps to light up your staircase, ‘UP’ lighting to really enhance those beautiful gardens, light pillars in the front yard, some ‘down’ lights under the pergola, or lighting up that winding pathway, installing lighting in your front or backyard space provides the perfect, subtle glow that’s also safer and convenient for your walkways and garden space.

Backyard Interlock Patios

You can easily extend your living space by having a stone patio installed in your backyard. With a professional design, you can make the most of your summer weekends at home with a durable, slip-resistant patio surface that will last for years to come. Plus, an attractive back patio instantly increases the value of your home if you decide to move in the future.

Whether you’re looking to transform the exterior of your primary residence or your rental property, leave it to Grow Green to add the design and features that you want in your outdoor space. We’ll also sit you down with our horticultural specialist and designer to provide you with some ideas for your ideal yard remodel project. Whatever you plan, we can help make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more!