Want to make your home the talk of the neighbourhood this year? One way to do that is to include your yard in the decorating process to light up the dark and cold winter nights. Best of all, it really doesn’t take much to make your property shine. Get into the Christmas spirit this year with these tips that will make your yard more festive than ever this holiday season.

Add Lights to Your Garden

When placing lights up around the home, we often forget about including the garden in the festive decorations. Adding lights throughout your garden can make your home look dazzling once the snow arrives. And there are so many different types of lights that you can find today, whether you want to place them on your trees, along the perimeter of the garden, or even colour spotlights to highlight your favourite trees.

Add Classic Garland

Give your yard a classic holiday look with garland, lights, and holly. If you have an archway, pergola or some other structure in your yard, these are ideal for adding garland too. Just wrap the garland around, secure the lights and holly in place, and grab some hot chocolate while you step back to take in the beauty of it your masterpiece.

Reindeer Silhouettes

Add a fun reindeer silhouette display to your yard! This is a great way to add something beyond the standard garland and lights that’s fun and captivating, especially for the kids. 

Illuminated Walkway

If you’re playing host this year for Christmas dinner, greet your guests with a stunning, illuminated walkway or steps. All you need is a vase or votive for each candle, place some battery-operated tea lights inside, and place them along with your front steps. It will make your entrance looks incredibly cozy and inviting.

Holiday Planters

A simple way to add more festive colour to the yard is with holiday planters. Using two planters on either side of the entranceway, arrange your favourite seasonal items, such as birch branches, red dogwood, acorns, and holly. Place a few bows and tiny string lights tucked throughout to finish it off nicely.

Make Your Own Wreath

We always love a good DIY project, and this is the perfect excuse to get crafty. Set aside an afternoon, find your favourite design and then craft something to place on your front door. Just be sure to keep the palette in line with the rest of your decorations so it doesn’t look out of place.

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