Not sure what the difference is between hardscaping and landscaping? Although these two design elements are required for a fully functional landscape, they are entirely different in nature. To understand how to blend them together to create an attractive and inviting backyard, we’ll show you what distinguishes each element and how they can be combined to create the perfect outdoor oasis.


Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements that are solid and unchanging throughout your landscape like the interlocking walkways and patios, the retaining walls, pool patios, stone waterfalls and fountains, asphalt, lighting, and pool features. Hardscape is often used to gain extra livable space in your yard and to accent all of your natural features. This is what landscapers start with to create the boundaries, overall shape, and artistic design of your yard.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of hardscaping, these structures can also be installed to control the environmental features of your yard. Gravel and interlock, for example, can be used to allow, prevent or enhance water flow, whereas stone walls can be constructed to limit soil movement and prevent erosion. For these reasons, it is crucial to hire a professional landscaper who can ensure that the cohesion between your landscape and hardscape is appropriately achieved.


The landscaping is considered the “softscape” or the living area of your garden space. Objects that can be easily removed and changed up to compliment any season, or to obtain an entirely different look when desired, fall under this category. This includes all of the plants, flowers, trees, grass, gardens and shrubs. If you only have landscaping in your yard without much hardscaping, it can look a little wild and jungle-like. Starting off by adding hardscape features to your design and then infusing the landscape with plants and flowers to create patterns and colour schemes can help create more balance and cohesion to your entire outdoor living space.

When you’re looking to create a peaceful and stunning oasis in your front or backyard, you need to incorporate both hardscaping and landscaping features. When properly balanced, these two can create an inviting outdoor experience and can complement the exterior of your home.

At Grow Green, we can do exactly that for your space. We specialize in full-scale landscaping and maintenance, pool patios and full backyard landscape. We even have an in-house horticulturist and designer on hand to help create your dream backyard escape.