Looking to design a beautiful landscaping plan for your home? There’s a lot more to creating an attractive outdoor design than just calling a contractor and picking out plants. Here we’ll show you five vital steps of the landscaping project planning process you should know about before committing.

Creating a Budget

First things first — you need to determine how much you want to spend on your landscaping. When trying to come up with your budget amount, remember that you’ll need to consider the costs to purchase the materials and products, money to pay the landscaping company, and the amounts to cover any of the immediate maintenance needs once completed. Once you’ve come up with a number that you feel comfortable with, the next step will be to sit down with a professional contractor to help you plan out a design that will create your outdoor dream space and fit within your budget.

Meeting with a Designer

The design phase is the most exciting part of the entire process. It’s where you get to work closely with a landscape designer to create your ideal final project. So you’ll first need to research and decide on a company that’s right for you. Once you’ve hired a landscaper, they will come to your home to conduct a site visit and discuss your options. Together, you will create a rough sketch of all the features that will be included, like the location and shaping of the hardscaping, the appropriate materials, and any design considerations regarding the softscaping features.

Designing the Landscaping Plan

Once you’ve decided on the design factors, the landscaping company will conduct a thorough site analysis and complete a detailed plan. During this process, they will measure out the boundaries and examine the environmental factors like the soil type. Then the designer will create a concept plan to show the exact location and size of key hardscape and softscape features, proposed grades for the drainage, and provide material and plant options that will accent your home.

Finalizing the Plans

When you’ve settled on the style and design of the concept plan, a master plan will then be finalized to include all the elements and features discussed and approved by you. You’ll find that each item will be properly labelled to include the appropriate sizes and the elevations. This plan will operate as the working draft for your landscaping design and is what the construction crew will use to create your outdoor oasis.

Construction Phase

The construction phase is where the landscaping company brings your design plan to life. During this process, any demolition of unwanted structures and surfaces will be completed. Proper grading and installation will be tackled during this phase too. Once the hardscape elements have been installed, then the planting and softscaping will begin.

As this process nears completion, the landscaping team will test any systems like the low voltage lighting, and perform a final cleaning and walkthrough to ensure everything has been done just right. If there is anything that needs adjusting or changing, it will be completed before you can step out and enjoy your yard.

When you’re ready to get your landscaping project planning process started, contact us at Grow Green. Our team of experts will answer any of your questions and provide a comprehensive estimate to get you started.