Today, more homeowners are eager to make better use of their outdoor space to enjoy stay-cations with family and spend time hosting get-togethers with friends.  If you’re a pool owner with a patio that’s in need of a facelift and some TLC, we’re here to help. Here are a few key design elements of a high-quality pool patio to know about before getting started.


Indoor-Outdoor Dining Area


Indoor-outdoor dining areas are exceptionally popular today as they create a seamless space that connects the interior and exterior of the home in an elegant way. This is an excellent design concept for homeowners who love to entertain and dine outside while having the comforts of indoor living included. This lets you host dinners and get-togethers year-round in any temperature with the beauty of the outdoors.


Full Kitchens


Gone are the days when a simple charcoal grill did the trick. In today’s modern homes, you’ll find alfresco dining areas decked out with full-suite kitchen designs, too. Extended counter space, a double sink, a bar and fridge are among some of the most popular additions for outdoor kitchens. True comfort indeed!


A Touch of Fire


Incorporating more natural elements is what makes outdoor spaces feel more cozy and inviting. And outdoor fire pits are always a great addition for this reason. The sultry, warm fire not only gives outdoor areas a central focal point to sit around, but they also let homeowners utilize their backyards for longer durations since you can stay toasty warm even until late fall. Just be sure to always abide by any by-laws and regulations for your area to keep your pool patio safe.


Attractive, Wobble-Free Interlock


Of course, the foundation of your patio is one of the most important design elements of a high-quality pool patio. Walking over interlock that’s worn, weathered, and loose is something that’s pretty hard to ignore. So if yours is a bit battered and old, you can bet it will detract from your entire poolscape area.  Get it repaired or replaced when any noticeable damage occurs.


Professional Landscaping


If you’ve made the investment in your pool, why not go the extra mile to get your backyard looking its best with professional landscaping? Having experts help plan and design your backyard can enhance the look of your outdoor space dramatically.


At Grow Green, we can take care of all your outdoor needs, including patio installations, repair, landscaping and much more. Get in touch with us today!