Make your garden the showstopper of your street this year by adding a few splashes of holiday décor throughout it. Beyond the basic lights hung around the roof, your landscape has so much potential for including simple decorations that can make your home look spectacular. But it tends to get neglected more often than not. To revamp your exterior this season, we’ve gathered our best outdoor holiday decorations to lend you some easy, inspiring ideas.

DIY Wheat Wreath

If you’re looking for a crafty project to do for the holidays, DIY wreaths are an excellent option. You can get the kids and grandparents involved to create stunning and personalized arrangements together. If you’re looking for something really unique to add to your front door, consider swapping the greenery for a wheat-based wreath instead. These are elegant, modern, and very popular right now for adding a chic twist on the traditional look.

Be Strategic with Lights

Lights are really what make any garden and exterior really stand out as the evenings start to dim. But the trick is to avoid overdoing it or ending up with too much of a mishmash. Try to stick with a colour theme, whether it’s the classic green and red or something a little modern like gold and white. Whatever you decide, use them strategically to highlight your favourite features, such as your evergreens or other areas in the garden.

Quaint Holiday Planters

The best outdoor holiday decorations that will instantly elevate your exterior in the winter are holiday planters. This is a fun project that you can also get the kids involved with. Choose some of your favourite combinations of evergreens, pinecones, birch branches, red dogwood, bows, and more. Then get creative making arrangements for both sides of your front door. These are guaranteed to wow your guests when they arrive for Christmas dinner.

Classic Reindeers

Go a little above and beyond this year with classic reindeer silhouettes. You can find these in a variety of different styles, from elaborate to simple and modern. It’s always a hit with the kids!

Traditional Garland

To highlight any pillars, archways, pergolas or walkways, wrap traditional garland along with them with clear string lights and bows included. Just be sure to attach them securely so they won’t go flying off during a big winter storm.

When decorating, if you notice some areas of the garden that could use a little TLC, give the garden experts a call at Grow Green. From landscaping to interlock to garden design – we can tackle any of your landscaping projects. Contact us today to start planning for the spring!