One of the best parts about the holiday season is seeing the dazzling and colourful decorations light up the dark and dull nights. And it’s always fun to see people really get into the spirit of the season with elaborate and creative displays across their front yards. If you’re eager to make your home stand out this season, here are four ways to create the best holiday yard in your neighbourhood.

Plan Before Getting Started

It’s always helpful to have an idea of how you want your home to look like once it’s all decorated. This also helps keep your final display looking cohesive. So start by thinking of a specific theme. You can choose one by focusing on your favourite aspect of Christmas, whether it’s Santa and his reindeer, a nativity scene, the Grinch, or the classic red, white, and green combinations.

Think About Where to Place Your Lights

Next up, plan our your light display by walking to the curb and taking a few moments to look at your home from a distance. Consider where you’d like to hang your lights and where the best spots are for them to be seen from the street and sidewalk. Lights are a great way to accentuate favourite features of your home and garden. You can place strings of lights in your windows, wrap them around your tree, and place colourful spotlights throughout your garden.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold!

To really create the best holiday yard in your neighbourhood, you need something a little extra that will make people stop and say wow. You could consider a giant inflatable Santa, an electronic reindeer set, holiday-themed music, or doing something fun and unique with your lights. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to go bold with your decorations.

Light Up Your Walkway

Another simple idea is to use lanterns (battery-operated or solar) and place them along with your walkway or front porch steps. These can instantly make your exterior look magical while also making it easier to get to and from your front doorway.

Add some holiday magic and cheer to your yard this year by taking the time to plan it out first. Consider your theme, placement of lights, and adding something extra special and unique to give it that “wow” factor.