Each passing year always brings along new inspiring ideas and trends for our home and garden. If you want to refresh your outdoor space this year with some new and improved additions, check out our list of predicted yard trends for 2020 first to get some handy ideas that you can incorporate into your outdoor project.

Wildflower Gardens to Help the Bees 

Caring for and preserving our natural spaces is becoming more and more of a priority thanks to the increasing awareness surrounding our environment. Bees, in particular, are a serious concern as they pollinate much of what we eat and continue to plummet towards the brink of extinction. As a result, wildflower gardens are starting to make a massive comeback. Aside from being resilient, low maintenance and easy to grow, having a diverse range of pollen-rich flowers provides bees with the food and habitat that they need to survive and flourish.

Natural Aesthetics 

Natural aesthetics are also a growing favourite throughout the design world, and this trend will likely continue to increase over the coming years. Bee hotels, upcycled rustic wooden features, wildlife ponds, birdhouses, veggie gardens, green walls – it’s all about creating more sustainable spaces that can benefit nature and enhance the gardenscape while minimizing waste, maintenance, and pesticides.

Outdoor Kitchens

Forget about a basic coal barbeque and underwhelming patio setting. This year, it’s all about elaborate designs that make for easy outdoor living – and cooking. As Canadians, we love to embrace BBQ season to the max, which is why it’s a worthy investment to spruce up your backyard if you love to play host. If your budget permits, consider creating an outdoor kitchen area so you can cook and prepare your meals without being stuck inside during those glorious summer weekends.

Lounging Nooks

With staycations on the rise, more homeowners are transforming their backyards into their own personal oasis for relaxation and reprieve. And the best part about creating your own personal haven is that you can tailor it just as you like. Some on-trend designs to consider include interlock areas with a fire pit, soothing, stand-out water features, solar lighting to make it cozy and inviting, and vertical green walls to add a refreshing punch of nature to the patio.

If you want to overhaul your backyard this year with a fresh, new design, give us a call at Grow Green. We specialize in landscaping, interlock, and garden design. Our team will work with you to crystallize your vision and create an outdoor space you’ll love to spend time in.