Ice, snow, and the freeze-thaw cycles throughout the winter months can wreak havoc on your property’s exterior. And with the weather expected to intensify with record level snowfalls and extreme dips in temperature, it’s imperative to make sure your property stays protected during the winter. To help you safeguard your exterior, here’s what to remember.

Repair Walkways Before the Winter

Trip and fall hazards are one of the greatest risks for injury during the winter. If you have any damaged interlock covered by a layer of snow or ice, it can be dangerous for you and your family. That’s why we always recommend inspecting and repairing any interlock walkways around your home before they get covered by the snow to reduce the risk of injury.

Trim Any Precarious Tree Limbs

Intense snow and ice storms can whip up out of nowhere, piling on heavy weight along wires and tree limbs. If you have any precarious-looking branches overhanging your property, make sure you have them dealt with and trimmed by a professional tree trimming service. One heavy snowfall could result in significant damage to your roof, vehicle or worse. To eliminate any risk to you, your property or vehicle, ensure that any overhanging branches are removed before the season begins.

Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaves and debris leftover from the fall can clog up your gutters and drainpipes, causing serious damage to your roof and foundation if moisture can’t be directed away from the home and drain properly. Heavy debris and pooling water can also damage your landscape, creating dead patches of turf on the lawn once the spring returns. To safeguard your home and your landscape, rake and clear away leftover debris to keep your roof, foundation, and lawn damage-free during the winter.

Be Careful When Shoveling the Snow

When it’s time to shovel, avoid piling the snow directly onto your lawn or near your retaining wall. The weight and moisture can be heavy enough to leave bald patches on your lawn and cause damage or shifting to your hardscapes in the garden. If possible, place excess snow in your garden beds so the soil and nearby vegetation can absorb the excess moisture and weight.

If you need any repairs completed before or after the winter season, give the landscaping experts a call at Grow Green. Our team specializes in landscaping, interlock, retaining wall repair, garden design and more. Browse through our services or get in touch to learn more and to get a quote.