Cleaning away the dirt and grime leftover from the winter season not only livens up your home and makes it looks a whole lot better, but it also helps your exterior areas last longer. To spruce up your backyard before the hot weather arrives, here are our top 6 ways to clean up your yard after a long winter to help guide you through your clean up.

Assess Any Damage First

To determine the level of attention, repair, and cleaning that your yard needs, we recommend first walking around to spot any damage throughout your property. This will help you take note of any areas that might need some extra care or cleaning. For example, if you notice any rotting boards along the deck or fence, make sure to have them repaired first to avoid water damage or tripping hazards. The same goes for any broken interlock patio stones. 

Hose Down the Deck, Patio, and Furniture

Prior to setting up your patio or lounging area, don’t forget to hose down the deck, patio stones, and your furniture. Add some soap and water to a bucket and use a broom to scrub away those cobwebs, mud, and winter grime. This goes for the fence too. Using a little soap can help to prevent mould and mildew from forming on the wood. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your fence and furniture to spruce it up for the summer.

Pull Weeds

To get your landscape looking its best, start by pulling up any weeds along the grass and cement crevices. Grab the weeds towards the base to make sure that you’re removing them from their roots. 

Rake and Clean Up the Garden

Branches, leaves, and other debris should be raked up throughout the yard to clear the way for your new garden bed. It’s also important to avoid blockages around the gutters and potential flooding around your home during the melt off and spring showers.

Aerate the Lawn

Next up is aerating the grass. You can hire someone to do this for you or you can rent a machine from your local garden center. As you run the aerator along the grass, it will puncture holes throughout it. This encourages healthy growth by providing the grassroots with the proper amount of nutrients, water, and sunlight. Since the winter can leave the turf tightly compacted after all of the moisture and heavy weight placed on it by the snow, without aerating, the grassroots may struggle to grow.

Add Topsoil and Seed

To replenish the soil and boost the thickness of the grass, add a generous layer of topsoil and grass seed to the lawn. Sprinkle it on as evenly as possible and follow the instructions on the label carefully, applying when the weather conditions are favourable.

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