It can feel challenging to maintain a perfectly green lawn in the summer, but what most homeowners don’t realize is that it’s the winter prep that really makes all the difference. Learn how to make your lawn look better than ever next year with our helpful tips for preparing your yard for winter. 

Keep Cutting Grass

It feels natural to put away the garden tools once the mornings turn chilly. But this year, leave your mower on-hand and keep cutting the grass until the first frost. Before starting, adjust your lawnmower so it cuts the grass to a height of 2- ½ inches. After cutting the grass, leave the clippings behind. This allows nitrogen to be reabsorbed by the roots to help them grow stronger next spring.

Aerate Compact Soil

Many homeowners tend to have issues with compact soil which can prevent nutrients from reaching the grassroots easily. That’s where aerating can help. You can rent an aerator from a local garden or hardware store. All you need to do is run it over the lawn to puncture holes throughout the turf. This is usually easier to do after rainfall when the ground is damp.  Aerating is an essential step that’s often overlooked. It lets worm and other vital microorganisms enrich the soil and grass.

Throw on Seed

Now’s also a good time to disperse a good, thick layer of grass seed to boost the health of your lawn next spring. Always follow the instructions carefully when applying.

Rake Leaves

Once the remaining leaves have fallen, remove them from the gutters to prevent pooling water. Rake up the majority of leaves on the lawn but leave some behind. These not only help to replenish the soil as they break down, but they’re also beneficial for the birds during the winter.

Repair Walkways & Interlock

Fall is the best time to take a thorough inspection of your yard and exterior to determine what needs to be repaired. Any damaged walkways or interlock that could make the surface unsafe once the snow arrives should be fixed as soon as possible.

Mulch Garden

If you have vegetation throughout your yard or young trees, don’t forget to prepare them for the winter too. Wrap up trees with burlap and add a thick layer of mulch to any vegetation to help protect the roots.

If you need lawn maintenance or interlocking repairs done this fall, give us a call at Grow Green. Our team will come and take care of it all for you so you can enjoy a vibrant landscape next spring and summer.