Lawn care habits make all the difference between having a healthy, attractive looking turf and having one that’s brown, patchy, and downright ugly. Like everything, the results are based on the amount of effort that’s invested in it. The key to having a vibrant lawn is taking care of it throughout the year, not just in the spring and summer months. Here, we outline the main reasons why it’s important to care for your lawn year-round and specifically, what you should be doing in winter to have a nice-looking landscape in the spring.

Each Season Brings Different Challenges

Every season has intense weather conditions that place grass and soil under a lot of stress. From compact soil to nutrient-deficient grassroots to intense heat, rain, heavy ice and snow – it’s a lot for your grass to endure. In order to keep your turf alive and thriving, year-round maintenance is imperative. Even the wintertime requires certain steps, like removing debris and snow from the grass to keep it protected and in good shape so the roots can grow strong and healthy come spring.

Maintain Your Investment

You invest a lot of time, effort, and money into your landscape, so it’s important to maintain it to keep your exterior and curb appeal looking sharp. Winterizing your garden beds, fertilizing the grass and mowing up until the first signs of frost are all important steps for maintaining your investment so you won’t have to pour a ton of money into repairing the damage once the winter passes.

Save Time

Yard work takes time, energy, and a good amount of dedication. Neglecting it in the fall and winter can lead to even more time-consuming work in the spring and summer to revitalize it back to life. If your schedule doesn’t permit any room for year-round maintenance, consider hiring a professional landscaping company that can. They can take care of it all for you by winterizing as needed so you can enjoy it to the fullest next year.

If you could use a professional landscaping company to take on your lawn care so you can dedicate your time to your priorities, gives us a call at Grow Green. Our team of hard-working professionals can help you maintain your landscape throughout every season. Contact us today to get a quote and to learn more!